"Public Service is Not a Spectator Sport"

Bryan Dearinger, a 2005 Drake Law alumnus and Public Service Scholar, recently spoke at Drake Law School in hopes to motivate current students to follow in his footsteps down a pathway of public service.

Dearinger is currently a Trial Attorney with the Federal Programs Branch of the Civil Division at Department of Justice.  In addition, he has recently volunteered for two separate pro bono organizations in Washington D.C.  He represents petitioner victims of domestic violence in civil protection cases as a pro bono trial attorney for the D.C. Volunteer Lawyers Project and has volunteered at the family law and domestic violence legal clinic for Washington Empowered Against Violence.

“I am here to ask for your help.  Despite good intentions, our civil legal system has become more inaccessible to those who need it the most . . .You can equalize the fight for these people” proclaimed Dearinger during the introduction of his presentation.

Dearinger also explained to not be fearful or uncertain in their abilities, and that Drake Law prepares students for the work.  “You are not too young or too novice to help those in need.  Leave this place with no regrets . . . Leave saying ‘I did everything I could’.”

In addition, Dearinger explained the benefits of being involved with public service and pro bono work.  These benefits include having more responsibility as a young attorney, being placed on the cutting edge of the law, having more flexibility and versatility in practice areas while still being able to easily specialize in a specific practice area, and many other personal career benefits.  Dearinger is convinced that his dedication to public service helped him not only obtain two federal judicial clerkships, but also his current job. 

Dearinger closed his presentation, which was part of Drake’s Public Service Law Day program, by urging students to “devote time to public service work, whether on the side of a busy career or as your life’s mission.  A public service background from Drake Law will arm you to do great things with your life.”

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The views expressed in this article are those of Bryan Dearinger and not necessarily those of the Department of Justice.
Date Posted: 1/2/2013
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