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"Juvenile Records Sealing Day" at Drake Law

Drake Law's Middleton Center for Children's Rights and the Neal and Bea Smith Legal Clinic will host a "Juvenile Records Sealing Day," Saturday, March 2 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Legal Clinic, 2400 University Ave.

Assistance is free and confidential. If someone is 18 or older and two years have passed since the last “official action” on the person’s case, the person may be eligible to have records sealed.

From The Des Moines Register, Saturday, Feb. 23:

"Teenagers are not simply “little adults.” That’s why government created separate court systems, legal procedures and facilities to deal with juvenile offenders. Society has agreed to help them get back on track and allow them to move into adulthood with a fresh start after making mistakes as juveniles.

But that isn’t happening in Iowa. Their criminal records haunt them after they turn 18."

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Date Posted: 2/25/2013
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