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Attendance Policy

Podcasting is not a substitute for class attendance.  All missed classes are counted against the student as absent even if the student listens to a podcast of the missed class.


All classes will be recorded unless the professor opts out.

Recordings will NOT be posted unless the professor requests either: [1] all classes be podcast OR [2] individual classes be podcast when authorized by the professor.

Students must make podcast requests directly to the professor.  The professor may then request the podcast be posted.  No direct requests by students to the Associate Dean or other law school personnel will be honored.

If a professor does not allow regular recording of his or her class, a request by the professor to podcast the class must be made to Law School IT personnel at least 24 hours prior to the class.  Students who want podcasts of classes not regularly recorded therefore need to make requests to their professors earlier than 24 hours before the class.

The decision to make podcasts available is solely within the discretion of the professor unless it involves an ADA accommodation.

Conditions for Granting Podcast Requests

ADA - Podcasts will be available to ADA students as an approved accommodation using the same process as all other ADA accommodations.  ADA podcasts will be available to ADA students only unless the professor agrees to make them available to all students enrolled in the class.

Other – Professors may make a podcast of any class for any reason.  Each professor may set his or her own criteria for granting podcast requests.  Professors must make podcasts available to all students under uniform criteria to avoid any appearance of discrimination or favoritism.  Once made, the podcast will be available to all students enrolled in that class, unless it is an ADA accommodation.


All podcasts will be removed from the server each semester when the last exam, including make-ups, for that class has been administered.

Use and Dissemination of Podcasts

All podcasts are the property of Drake Law School and the professor, and may not be redistributed in any form to any person.  Violation of this policy is also a Honor Code violation.


Podcasts are not an entitlement.  The law school is not liable for failure to record or post a podcast to the website.

Adopted 9/24/2009

Last Modified: 8/1/2014 11:51:00 AM by David Hanson