Access Document Storage
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About Document Storage

Students are encouraged to save their work to the server, either as their primary point of storage or as a backup to files maintained on their personal laptop.
  • Each student is provided 1GB of disk space on the Law School's student file server. 
  • Folders are individually secured, preventing access from unauthorized users, keeping content safe and private.
  • Documents stored on the Law School's file server are available from any computer in the Law School and may even be accessed from personal computers on or off campus. 
  • Remote access is established over secured protocols, preventing data capture and analysis while in-transit.
  • Documents stored on Law School servers are backed up and preserved by a redundant storage system.
  • By saving to a central repository, students need not rely on storage media such as CD-RW, USB memory, or the like. 

Instructions on accessing your documents remotely

To access your folder from the Law School's computers, open "Documents" from the Desktop then navigate into your appropriate class directory.

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