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The Law School's website and Drake email will be the official means of communication for any campus matters, making it imperative that students reference the Law School's website for news or events and check their Drake email account regularly. Students are provided a Drake University email account for the duration of enrollment. Each student is responsible for checking these resources to make sure important deadlines or information are not missed.

Accessing email via the Web

The easiest way for students to access their Drake email is directly through the Outlook Web Application in any web browser. Visit or click the envelope icon found in the search bar of pages. Your username will be in the form of ""; your password will be your campus password. If prompted to choose a time zone, be sure to select Central Standard Time.

Accessing email via blueView

Students may alternatively access their Drake email by first logging in to blueView, then click the Email icon. To login to blueView, use your nine-digit Drake ID as the username and your campus password in the appropriate field.

Accessing email from your Smart Phone

Android Phones and Tablets
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Windows Phone

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