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Drake faculty and students express their commitment to a range of interest areas through participation in law school organizations and journals. Participation in such activities can be a means of intellectual growth, career exploration, and personal development and can provide a valuable supplement to classroom instruction.

Drake University Law School administration and faculty do not monitor or control content/materials on student or organization websites, and disclaim any liability for such webpages.

Criminal Law Newsletter

The Criminal Law Newsletter is a concise compilation of cases and legislative developments affecting the Iowa criminal law practitioner. Each edition focuses exclusively on criminal law and procedure, Iowa criminal law legislation, and Iowa professional conduct decisions. The newsletter is comprised of various topical sections, including: Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, Eighth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Evidentiary Issues, Statutory Construction, Sentencing, Professional Conduct, and Habeas Corpus. Within each section, relevant cases are listed alphabetically. The newsletter is a user-friendly resource that makes the facts, issues, and holdings of recent case law readily apparent to the reader.

Drake Journal of Agricultural Law

The Drake Journal of Agricultural Law is dedicated to the review of legal issues affecting the agriculture industry. The goal of the journal is to provide a forum to explore contemporary issues in international and domestic agriculture law and bring these issues to the attention of the entire community. The journal will accomplish this goal by publishing articles written by professors, judges, attorneys, practitioners, students, and others on a national and international level.

Drake Law Review

The Drake Law Review is published quarterly by students of Drake University Law School. The site provides general information, along with a sampling of the articles, notes, and lectures published in the pages of the review.

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