Purchasing Recommendations
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Computer Selection

Students are free to select any brand of computer; however, Drake Law recommends a Windows-based computer to achieve the greatest compatibility with products and services, both online and within the Law School. Students might wish to consider a HP computer because of educational discounts available to Drake along with extended support plans. Computer models and pricing can be found at http://www.hpdirect.com/academy/drake.

Students with Macs could face difficulties performing certain tasks that Windows users readily achieve, such as creating Table of Authorities for briefs, utilizing common research tools, or accessing shared printers and multifunction devices. Students contemplating computer purchases should be aware of these considerations.

Microsoft Office

Drake University provides a free copy of Microsoft Office to current students. Students won't need to select an Office Productivity Pack or word processing solution when buying from HP or other manufacturers.

System Requirements

Students who plan to use laptops for taking exams or to join the campus wireless network must be running Windows XP SP3 or higher when using a PC or Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher when using a Macintosh.

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