Recording Reservation
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Students may use this form to register for recording sessions.  Please note that this form is not for classroom capture (podcast) scheduling or to request access to lectures that are not automatically published by your professor.  View our podcast policies for more information.  Hover your mouse over the rooms below to read about configurations and recording options.

This form registers you for equipment setup and training.  To reserve rooms, contact one of the following...  For Cartwright classrooms, contact Amy Cutler; for Legal Clinic rooms, contact Mara Deaton; for Opperman rooms, use the Library's Room Reservation Form.


Email Address: 

Course Name: 

Date:     Start Time:     Duration: 

Cartwright Hall 201
Cartwright Hall 202
Cartwright Hall 203
Cartwright Hall 205
Cartwright Hall 206
Cartwright Hall 213
Legal Clinic 123
Legal Clinic 124
Legal Clinic 219
Legal Clinic 220
Opperman Hall 175
Opperman Hall 269

Extra Services:
I would like a brief training session on how to use this room's recording equipment.
      * Please denote desired training date/time in Details section below.

Details: (please identify who and what is being recorded)


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