Sample Exams
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Sample exams and exercises are made available to assist students of Drake University Law School in their preparation for examinations. Not all professors have made sample exams available.

Exams in electronic format:

Allen: Property
Anderson: Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Property
Charlow: Family Law
Dore, L: Civil Procedure I, Civil Procedure II, Criminal Law
Dore, M: Business Associations, Secured Transactions
Hamilton: Introduction to Ag Law, Land Use, Legislation
Johnson: Property
Kende: Constitutional Law
Lovell: Constitutional Law, Employment Discrimination
McCord: Criminal Law
Mansfield: Contracts
Monroe: Business Tax, Corporate Tax, Federal Income Tax, State and Local Tax
Strassberg: Contracts, Contracts Outline, Civil Procedure Outline, Criminal Torts Outline
Walker: Business Associations

Access to the sample exams are restricted to current students.
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