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Who can help…

Responsibility for the following: Administrator/Dean
to contact:
Academic Success Program and Integrated Study Groups (ISG)
  • Individual academic support
  • Practice exams
  • Direct ISG Program
Advising and Schedule Approval for:
  • Joint degree and 3+3 program
  • COP students
  • Transfer students
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations Hennan
Exams Hennan/Lain
ExamSoft support DTS
Facilities (Cartwright Hall) Hennan
Failure to disclose on Law School Application Hennan
Financial aid/student loans Nicholson
International students Yee
Issues with staff and administrative policies Hennan
LLM Program Yee
Orientation Hennan/Lain
Personal counseling and health referrals Hennan
Podcast access Hennan
Public Service Certificate Program Hennan
Registration issues Hennan
Student organizations Hennan
Summer in France Yee
Transfers/withdrawals Hennan

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