Student Services
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Who can help…

Responsibility for the following: Administrator/Dean
to contact:
Academic Success Program and Integrated Study Groups (ISG)
  • Individual academic support
  • Practice exams
  • Direct ISG Program
Advising and Schedule Approval for:
  • Joint degree and 3+3 program
  • COP students
  • Transfer students
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations Hennan
Exams Hennan/Lain
ExamSoft support DTS
Facilities (Cartwright Hall) Hennan
Failure to disclose on Law School Application Hennan
Financial aid/student loans Allen
International students Yee
Issues with staff and administrative policies Hennan
LLM Program Yee
Orientation Hennan/Lain
Personal counseling and health referrals Hennan
Podcast access Hennan
Public Service Certificate Program Hennan
Registration issues Hennan
Student organizations Hennan
Summer in France Yee
Transfers/withdrawals Hennan

Authorization for Information Release

Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Drake University policy, the University does not release personally identifiable education records without the written permission of the student whose education records are involved. Students who wish to authorize the University to release or share information regarding their education record to a third party may do so by submitting an Authorization for Information Release form available on the Student Records website.

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