Wireless from Mac OS X
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To join your Macintosh laptop to the University's wireless network, follow these instructions.  Directions apply only to Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.  If you are running a previous version, or if you encounter troubles during setup, please contact Drake Technology Services. People running previous versions of Mac OS X may wish to upgrade for maximum compatibility, including the ability to take final exams on your laptop. Be sure the latest updates have been applied to your version of Mac OS X.

  1. Locate the AirPort status icon in your menu bar and click to view its contents.

  2. Select the DUStudent network from those listed.

Select Network


  1. A dialog appears requesting your username and password. Enter your 9-digit Drake ID in the User Name field, followed by your campus password in the Password field.

  2. Leave the 802.11x field set to Automatic, and make sure "Remember this network" is checked, then click OK.

  1. A second dialog appears to verify the certificate for 802.11x authentication. Click the button labeled Show Certificate, then click the arrow labeled Trust to expand its contents.

  2. Change the "When using this certificate" drop-down to read Always Trust. This will change the "Extensible Authentication (EAP)" and "x.509 Basic Policy" drop-downs to reflect the same setting.

  3. Your certificate settings should now appear as those pictured to the right. When finished, click Continue.

Verify Certificate

Certificate Trust Settings

  1. A dialog may appear asking for credentials to make changes to your Certificate Trust Settings. This would be the username and password you use to login to your Mac. Enter that information and click OK.

    Your computer should now be connected to the campus-wide wireless network! Open a web browser to test your connection. If this is your first time connecting, you should be directed to a network registration page. If you don't see this within 5 seconds, visit "http://netdns2.drake.edu/".

    Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to submit your username (9-digit Drake ID) and campus password. Restart your computer when prompted.

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