Wireless from Windows Vista or 7
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To join your Windows Vista or 7-based laptop to the University's wireless network, follow these instructions.  Example images were created on a laptop using the default "Windows Vista" theme, not "Windows Classic".  Some screen shots may appear different on various systems.  If you encounter any troubles during the process, please contact Drake Technology Services

  1. From the Start menu, select Connect To.

  2. A dialog appears, displaying available wireless networks. Select DUStudent, then click Connect.

  3. A second dialog appears indicating "additional log on information is required to connect to this network." Click "Enter/Select additional log on information".

Connect to a network
  1. In the dialog that follows, enter your 9-digit Drake ID in the User name field, followed by your campus password in the Password field. Enter DRAKE in the Logon domain field and click OK.

  2. You will once again be asked for additional information to connect to the network. Click "Enter/Select additional log on information".

  3. Click OK when asked to Validate the Server Certificate.

  1. You should then receive confirmation of successful connection. Make sure "Save this network" and "Start this connection automatically" are both checked, then click Close.

    Your computer should now be connected to the campus-wide wireless network! Open a web browser to test your connection. If this is your first time connecting, you should be directed to a network registration page. If you don't see this within 5 seconds, visit "http://netdns2.drake.edu/".

    Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to submit your username (9-digit Drake ID) and campus password. Restart your computer when prompted.

Connection Done

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